‘Squad Plus’ members say they are ready to conquer music scene

Published April 22, 2021, 6:38 AM

by Neil Patrick Nepomuceno

We’ve witnessed some amazing music groups and solo artists that have risen last year but that doesn’t stop the members of Squad Plus from foreseeing their success as a group.

Squad Plus’ Anji Salvacion explained: “The only thing that I can say that is my edge is: ‘to experiment new genres, new types of singing and be versatile in everything.”

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The only male from the group, KD Estrada, supported this by saying: “To be distinct and to standout talaga is to have something different. I don’t think you have to be ‘biritero or biritera’ to be famous, I think you need to have that certain appeal with your voice and everything you do.”

Angela Ken and Sam Cruz go hand-in-hand as they say that they wanted to perform every song for others to feel the message and not just the melody.

 The Squad Plus is one of ABS-CBN’s most subscribed and most followed channels on the video-streaming platform.