Villar condo project offers easy payment terms to millennials

Published April 20, 2021, 6:00 AM

by Bernie Cahiles-Magkilat

 Villar-owned BRIA Homes has opened easy and flexible payment terms for their condominium units, targeting the millennials. 

In a statement, BRIA Homes President Red Rosales said they have opened the Astra Vertical Villages for as low as P10,000 monthly amortization through flexible payment schemes to young professionals.

 In targeting the millennials, Rosales said the young generation of Filipinos has become more financially savvy than their elders. “The health crisis has truly made them wiser and more practical,” he said. “They now acknowledge that property is the safest investment because of its projected appreciation over the years.”

According to Rosales, Astra Vertical Villages comes in as a very timely option for Generation Y Filipinos who have a flourishing career and a steady income.

 Before the pandemic, he noted that Millennial Filipinos, or Filipinos born between 1981 to 1996, were ticking one ‘adulting’ goal after the other.

  “While some aspire to start a family, most young professionals are focused on their careers, preferring to slug it out in highly competitive workplaces and earn fat paychecks in the process. This often results in substantial savings that, in the past, they would splurge in travel and leisure pursuits, the latest gadgets, or even brand-new cars,” he said.

  However, the pandemic has changed millennials’ spending patterns—for the better. With health protocols restricting their social lives and putting a damper on their travel plans, he said, young adults—aged 20 to 30—are now investing their money in property.

  “Real estate experts affirm this, crediting the positive trend to attractive payment terms offered by developers and the new flexible work arrangements,” he said.

  Thus, they have decided to offer Astra Vertical Villages as ideal for the Work From Home millennials because of its starter-pack price.

 These four-story mid-rise condo properties feature 24-square-meter units with bedroom, dining and kitchen area, living area, and toilet and bath. Turning their sleek and stylish units into their personal living spaces will be as easy as moving in. For the peace of mind of millennials with busy career pursuits, Rosales said that Astra properties ensure all residents’ security and safety along with a competent property management that sees to their property-related concerns. Astra has also a communal clubhouse with function halls, swimming pools, play areas, and gym facilities.