Geneva Cruz mourns mother’s death due to COVID-19

Published April 20, 2021, 9:51 AM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Geneva Cruz (inset) and her mom Marilyn

Geneva Cruz mourned the death of her mother who was tested positive for COVID-19.

“With hearts broken and full of sorrow, our family would like to let you know that our Mom, Marilyn Cruz (@lynne_bunso), is now in heaven,” she wrote on Instagram.

“We will forever remember each of you who prayed and helped in whatever way that you can. She is gone too soon, and no one can ever replace her in our hearts. See you on the other side, mama… (heart emoji).”

Prior, Geneva asked for prayers as her mom, who has hypertension and diabetes, caught the COVID-19. 

In fact, hours before she announced her mother’s death, she revealed that her mom’s blood oxygen was only 46 because of her severe pneumonia and needed to be intubated.

“This was her yesterday. How can she not be okay today when she was okay yesterday?! I don’t understand this!!! She’s supposed to be getting better. We are asking for prayers. Please,” she wrote.