Phoenix offers LPG canisters to lower-income consumers

Published April 18, 2021, 1:30 AM

by Myrna M. Velasco

As household budgets are generally tight because of the lingering pandemic, independent player Phoenix Petroleum Philippines Inc. is dangling liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) canisters as a more affordable option for lower income consumers.

The company’s Phoenix Super LPG brand has so far started with the LPG canister offering in the Visayas and Mindanao markets via a partnership with Philippine Eco-Gas Producer Cooperative (PEPC); and since 2019, it noted that this is now a thriving alternative for the cooking fuel needs of families.

As emphasized, the capacity of the LPG canister hovers at 200 grams – and this can last for two (2) hours of cooking time, depending on the usage of the consumer.

“The canisters are originally made of stainless steel, but a more lightweight and less expensive aluminum type has also been made available in the market,” the Uy-led LPG firm has noted.

Data provided by the PEPC has shown that a total of 500,000 stainless steel canisters and 200,000 aluminum canisters are already circulating in the Visayas-Mindanao markets.

In this product-offer, Phoenix Petroleum indicated that its Super LPG canister “aims not only to make the cooking fuel more affordable for Filipinos but to enhance household safety as well,” with it specifying that this is a way also to move Filipino consumers away from traditional cooking fuels such as wood, kerosene and charcoal, as well as on the use of single-use butane canisters.

Henry Albert Fadullon, president and chief executive officer of Phoenix Petroleum, said the LPG canister offering of the company “continues to delight Filipino homeowners and help them discover our promise of Sarap Pala Magluto.”

He qualified that “making LPG more accessible to the most common Filipino consumers helps make communities safer and more resilient against fire accidents and emergencies.”

And with this added market penetration for Phoenix Super LPG, Fadullon asserted that this will also aid the company in sustaining its market share in the very robust domestic market of LPG commodities.

He further pointed out the LPG business segment of the oil firm “has proven to be a bright spot despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic with cooking fuel deemed essential by Filipino consumers.”

The company said its LPG business unit logged 32-percent year-on-year volume growth last year; and it’s not only in the Philippines that its sales had been flourishing; but it goes the same way in its offshore market of Vietnam.