LOOK: Rabiya Mateo stuns in a warrior goddess-inspired ensemble

Published April 17, 2021, 3:14 PM

by John Legaspi

She definitely looks battle-ready!

With only a month to go before the Miss Universe 2020 coronation night, Rabiya Mateo wants to let everyone know that she is ready to win the Philippines’ fifth crown, as she posts photos of her warrior goddess-inspired shoot.

Paying homage to the Greek goddess of wisdom and war Athena, Rabiya dons a Mara Chua piece, featuring a “modern armorial dress in oxblood synthetic leather.” Completing the look are gold metal accessories by Ejaiv Eugnad.

“We wanted to make it modern and not very literal,” Mara tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. “Something that is still evocative of the power associated with the goddess of wisdom and war but stripped off the costume-y details.”

“The dress took about two days to make,” the designer continues. “I was allowed to let my imagination run free as long as the color stays in the red family. I just wanted something I know will look good on Rabiya, something that will hit her in all the right places—a good amount of leg, the right amount of cleavage, overall the right proportions to highlight her best features. I decided on a one shoulder with pads to drive that very powerful, strong look yet still feminine.”

Throughout history, it is known that Athena is a one fierce and brave warrior who was born fully clothed in armor. This shoot means only one thing, Rabiya is simply telling us that she is battle-ready just like the goddess!

Check out how she slays in these images:

Images from Miss Universe Philippines