Business permits for delivery riders? Not so fast, says Davao City dads

Published April 17, 2021, 9:29 AM

by Zea Capistrano

DAVAO CITY – The Davao City Council approved a resolution urging food delivery companies and the city’s business bureau to suspend the collection of fees for food delivery riders.

Photo by Jansen Romero/Manila Bulletin

.In a statement last Tuesday, City Councilor Pamela Librado-Morata said requiring delivery riders to acquire a business permit individually is impractical and inequitable.

“Many are still paying loans for their motorcycles and are shouldering fuel expenses. To require them to pay P4,000 for business permits in a situation where they do not have a stable income or tenure security is unjust,” she added.

She said some delivery riders have received text messages of their accounts “being closed due to non-payment of the said Business Permit.”

In her resolution last April 6, Librado-Morata said under the Revenue Code of Davao City, it is unlawful for any person or entity to conduct or engage in any business, trade, or occupation in the City of Davao without securing a Mayor’s Permit and paying the necessary fees to the City Treasure.”

This would mean riders would need to pay the City Environment and Natural Resources Office even if they do not have waste disposal.

They would also need to pay the bureau of Fire protection (BFP) fees and certificates even if they do not manage physical stores.

“They would need to shell out additional money for BIR registration,” she said.

The resolution passed by Librado-Morata on Tuesday, April 13, was a subsequent resolution filed pending the previous resolution passed by the city council urging the review of the city’s Revenue Code.

On April 6, the city councilor also passed a resolution urging the city government to review the Revenue Code of the city to match the needs of local delivery riders that will give our riders sufficient opportunity to earn.