Maine Mendoza apologizes for decade-old ‘careless’ tweets

Published April 16, 2021, 9:55 PM

by Robert Requintina

Maine Mendoza

Kapuso star Maine Mendoza took to Twitter on Friday, April 16, to apologize to those who were offended by her “racist” and “homophobic” tweets several years ago.

This after several fans resurrected her “nigga” and “gay” comments which she tweeted some 10 years ago. Mendoza said she has learned from her mistakes and shortcomings.

Fans rushed to Mendoza’s side and defended her, saying “everybody goes to that phase” where people are careless about their social media posts.

Mendoza’s full tweets:

“Hi tweeps! I’ve been receiving a lot of messages about my tweets several years ago. Sending my sincerest apologies to those whom I have offended with my tweets way back then. It was my careless self talking and I didn’t mean to offend anyone. I am sincerely sorry.

“Through the years, I have learned to be more careful with my thoughts and words – and how it would affect the people around me. Hope you hear me out this time. Praying for everyone’s safety and sanity in these trying times,” she tweeted.

Some comments from her fans:

“It’s okay to make some mistakes Memen. Kasi every mistakes, dun tayo natututo right? Love you Memen!!!!”

“The fact that she never deleted her old tweets (when she can before she entered showbiz to protect her image) shows how transparent she is of how human she is— flawed. Like most of us, our mistakes do not define us; it is how we learn and recover from it.”

“People will use your past against you. Cause they know themselves that the person you are now is unbreakable.”

“You have accepted n answered them in all humility. And we loved u even more. You are no longer answerable if they continue 2 be bad n stubborn.”

“Kaya naman sa’yo ako eh, apaka humble mo. Love you Meng! ❤Yellow heart Yaan mo na silang magmaktol sa nakaraan baka perpekto kabataan nila di makabasag pinggan.”