Sobejana finally gets 4th star

Published April 15, 2021, 12:40 PM

by Aaron Recuenco 

The chief of staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines finally got his 4th star after several delays due to the alleged questionable appointment of a senior police official.

(6th Infantry Division – Kampilan Facebook / FILE PHOTO)

President Duterte signed the promotion of Cirilito Sobejana Jr. to General after hurdling the powerful Commission on Appointments who cleared his promotion late last month.

“While these stars firmly resting on my shoulders are a testament to my personal achievements, it is still a strong reminder to everyone that should never be conscious of their positions but should remain humble and thankful, and to always exercise due prudence and diligence in the discharge of their respective duties and responsibilities,” said Sobejana after the donning of the ranks and insignia.

The donning of the ranks ceremony made him the highest military official in the land. There is only one four-star general in the AFP and it is reserved for the AFP chief of staff.

Unlike the Philippine National Police (PNP), the promotion of AFP chief of staff to four star needs the go signal of the Commission on Appointments.

The CA repeatedly deferred the confirmation of the promotion of Sobejana due to the case of Maj. Gen. Jose Faustino who was named as the commanding general of the Philippine Army despite having less than a year before his mandatory retirement.

“In the spirit of nation-building, we in the AFP, as the protectors of the dreams and aspirations of our fellow Filipinos, shall rise above ourselves so that the success that we may achieve today will not only benefit our organization, but moreso, the whole Filipino nation,” said Sobejana.

Aside from Sobejana, three more senior military officers were promoted to the next rank, from Colonel to Brigadier General. They were Joel Alejandro Nacnac, Chief of the AFP Human Rights Office; Colonel Edgardo Palma, Chief of the Office of the Special Studies and Strategy Management; and Colonel Erick Escarcha, Chief of AFP Command Center.