Boys Love series ‘Close Friend’ set for launch

Published April 6, 2021, 11:48 AM

by Jonathan Hicap

‘Close Friend’ stars  

Twelve upcoming Thai actors will headline the new Boys Love (BL) series project “Close Friend” that will premiere this month.

“Close Friend” will consist of six romantic miniseries accompanied by six original soundtracks (OST) by popular artists.

Boys Love, a genre that explores the romantic relationships between male characters, is growing in popularity in Thailand.

“Close Friend” will feature Thai actors Ohm Thitiwat Ritprasert and Fluke Natouch Siripongthon, who became popular through previous Boys Love series.

Kimmon Warodom Khemmonta and Copter Panuwat Kerdthongtavee, meanwhile, are members of the SBFIVE boy band.

Other stars in the series are Ja Phachara Suansri, First Chalongrat Novsamrong, Yoon Phusanu Wongsavanischakorn, Lay Talay Sanguandikul, Max Saran Rujeerattanavorapan, Nat Natasitt Uareksit, Jimmy Karn Kritsanaphan and Tommy Sittichok Pueakpoolpol.

The six stories under the “Close Friend” BL project are:

• “To Act Like We are in Love” – Starring Ohm Thitiwat Ritprasert and Fluke Natouch Siripongthon about a couple’s challenges in their three-year relationship.

• “Just be Friend” is a story about an adorable cat who falls in love with his owner, featuring Ja Phachara Suansri and First Chalongrat Novsamrong.

• “Accidental or Intentional” is about the irresistible and intensifying romance between a business major freshman and a senior in his judo club.

• “Enough for One Lifetime” – Starring Yoon Phusanu Wongsavanischakorn and Lay Talay Sanguandikul about exploring the protagonist’s desire to be more than friends, resorting to dark magic to make his wish come true.

• “To Think–Not to Think”- Starring Kimmon Warodom Khemmonta and Copter Panuwat Kerdthongtavee, this uncovers what it might be like to get closer to a beloved idol.

• “Your Problem, My Solution” – Set in the 1990s to shower audiences with feel-good nostalgia, this stars Jimmy Karn Kritsanaphan and Tommy Sittichok Pueakpoolpol who reminisce on the purity of love and friendship.

Accompanying the BL stories are OSTs by Boxx Music’s talented artists. These are “Accidental or Intentional” by Ink Waruntorn Paonil; “Enough for One Lifetime” by O-Pavee Kotchapakdi; “To Think–Not to Think” by Earth Patravee Srisuntisuk; “To Act Like We are in Love” by Marc Tatchapon Chulkasem; “Just be Friend” by Copter Witsarut Laocharoenchai, and “Your Problem, My Solution” by Cake Pemika Jiranaraks and Muang Songmuang Chaiyariti.

The “Close Friend” series, a collaboration with Thai record label Boxx Music, will premiere on Viu on April 22.