WATCH: Bea Alonzo’s mom answers questions about her two children

Published April 3, 2021, 10:21 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Bea Alonzo just released another vlog entry on her YouTube channel and both her mom Mary Anne and younger brother James are the special guests. This 10-minute video shows how funny and game the family is as they did the “Who’s who” game where Mary Anne will answer questions on who from her two children fit the description. She will answer by dropping the face of her child into the white basin of ice cold water.

Within the short 10 minutes, one can get a glimpse of how the three are toward each other and their striking personalities. The episode started off with the question on who is lazy when it comes to chores and who had good grades in school to which the mom pointed out that it’s Bea.

Surprisingly, James is the one who cries more often, but he’s also there organized one. “Organized din ako. Si James, sobrang OC (Obsessive Compulsive) na kahit madam mga damit sa hamper, tinutupi rin nya. Organised din ako, guys, mas organised lang siya,” defends Bea.

It was also revealed that Mary Anne always had a hard time waking Bea up when she was small. Their airplane even left them one time. This was also in connection to her being “burara” (sloppy or untidy). She admitted to misplacing her passport and losing a pair of diamond earrings which she wrapped in tissue.

When it comes to love, Mary Anne couldn’t wait to push Bea’s face into the basin when asked who was more “tanga” (stupid) in love. This was also followed up with her being more secretive, “especially sa katangahan niya (her stupidity),” her mom adds.

Mary Anne, being the typical mom who doesn’t want her daughter getting scratches and blemishes didn’t allow her daughter to join any sports or physical activities in school. “Lampa naman ako (I’m frail now),” says Bea who further explained that she wanted to become sporty, even play volleyball. “Napakakinis mo. Kung pinabayaan kita… Bayaan mo na, hindi pwede lahat sa iyo. Maganda ka naman (Your have smooth and clear skin. If I let you be…. It’s okay, you can’t have everything. You’re beautiful),” reassures her mom.

Watch the full video here to get to know more of the trio and the questions mommy Mary Anne answered here.