Delivery rider in viral 'lugaw' video gets threats, appeals for help

The food delivery rider involved in the viral "lugaw" video in Bulacan is asking for help after several suspicious men were supposedly intimidating him after the incident.

(Screenshot from Marvin Ignacio FB Live/ MANILA BULLETIN)

Through a Facebook Live, rider Marvin Ignacio said he is seeking help after three men went to his house on Thursday night, carrying a supposed memorandum ordering the closure of the lugaw or rice porridge store that processed his order in the early morning of March 30.

Ignacio said he found the activity of the three men suspicious as it was done during the curfew hours. They also allegedly shouted at him.

"Sana po matulungan ninyo kami. Pinagiinitan na naman yung Lugaw Pilipinas. May nagpunta po doon, tama po ba yun... Pasensya na po ha, kasi natatakot ako... Baka saktan nila ako (I hope you could help me. They're ganging up on Lugaw Pilipinas store. Someone already went there. Is that right? I'm really sorry, I'm just afraid... they might hurt me)," he said in between sobs.

"Kahina-hinala yung galaw nila. Wala silang kasamang barangay tanod, wala silang mobile. Naka-motor lang talaga sila, tapos ang gusto nila isara yung tindahan kasi mayroon daw silang memo na pinapakita (Their activity was suspicious. They were not even escorted by barangay watchmen or the police. They were just onboard a motorcycle. Then they wanted to close the store because they claimed they had a memo?)," he added.

"Kung nakita nyo lang kanina paano ako brasuhin ng mga mama na 'yun (If you only saw how those men intimidated me)."

Ignacio went viral on social media Wednesday after a female personnel from Barangay Muzon barred him from entering the area around 1 a.m. of Tuesday to deliver a lugaw to his customer. The personnel argued that lugaw was not essential and it could not be allowed for delivery.

The incident was recorded in a Facebook Live uploaded by Ignacio and reached Malacanang, which eventually ruled that lugaw was essential.

Lugaw Pilipinas, the store which processed the lugaw order, said Thursday it would remain closed as the incident "caused trauma" to its employees.

"We will address the problem for the meantime," the store said in its statement in Filipino.