Dimples Romana to establish acting school, personality dev’t headquarters

Published April 1, 2021, 3:23 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Dimples Romana

Actress-businesswoman Dimples Romana has announced that one of her lifelong dreams will be coming true anytime soon.

On Instagram, Dimples shared a wide shot of a lot, where her ABCD Prod and Dimples Romana School for Acting and Personality Development Headquarters.

According to her, for years, she has been thinking of how she can give back to the industry that has been “kind” and “generous” to her over the years.

“I knew I always wanted to TEACH, to SHARE what I know that has been working for me and my family now. Finding the balance between having a STEADY, STABLE and CONCRETE career and a PEACEFUL, HAPPY and STRONG family life. I wish everyone that,” she said.

Dimples wanted to put up a school, a business that will give way and open doors of opportunities to many aspiring actors and actresses/hosts and artists like her, to be able to create a path that’s unique and true to them and what they already have, develop new skills, hone what their talents and continue to learn even more, she said. 

She teased that she plans to invite her co-actors, her mentors who she honors and learned from these past years — who now choose to pass on their legacy through teaching, and share the same initiative and are now limited to working because of age restrictions, limited production opportunities and some because they’re unable to shoot for now because of health reasons – to teach with them. 

“Our new school will teach techniques in acting, hosting and branding of oneself that I have personally developed over 24 years in showbiz,” she said.


“Our school will be open to aspiring artists, actors, actresses, hosts, brand ambassadors AND ALSO to non-media-related students because as my professor now in New York University, Sir Marc Somnolet said, we should all know how to market ourselves. So even in the corporate world, it’s vital that we know how to present and market ourselves to reach our goals,” she added.

With that in mind, she will also open personality development classes to corporate individuals and companies.

“And because everything is online for now, students from the Philippines and every part of the world are welcome ages 6 – 65,” she said.