‘Hashtag changeoil’ a hit for bike owners in Cebu City

Published March 30, 2021, 9:10 PM

by Calvin Cordova 

CEBU CITY – Hashtag #changeoil became a trending topic online a few days ago when a woman caught her partner allegedly cheating on her.

Mechanics check one of the motorcycles which availed of the free change oil service in Cebu City. (Calvin Cordova)

The man involved denied any wrongdoing, saying he was just accompanied by her female friend during a change oil appointment for his car.

On Tuesday, hashtag #changeoil became a hot topic here but this time it was for a good reason.

Hundreds of motorcycle owners trooped to two gasoline stations in Cebu City after City Councilor Franklyn Ong, the president of Association of Barangay Councils, offered free change oil services.

Ong said he decided to offer free change oil services as part of his advocacy to promote safety driving.

“We all know that during Holy Week, most people go on out-of-town trips. They travel to their provinces that’s why it’s very important to check the condition of our motorcycles to avoid accidents, avoid hassles,” said Ong.

At least 500 motorcycle owners were chosen to qualify to avail of the free services in the first day of the two-day activity exclusive for Cebu City residents.

Mechanics to avail of the free change oil were posted on Ong’s Facebook page.

“It is a two-day activity, today and tomorrow. We will be giving free motorcycle oil and free labor,” said Ong.

Ong said aside from promoting road safety, giving free change oil services was also his way of helping motorcycle owners cope with the financial challenges brought about by the pandemic.

“Most of those who availed used their motorcycles for livelihood. Some of them didn’t have extra money for the maintenance of their motorcycles that’s why we offered them this to at least help them,” Ong said.

Delivery boy Christian Vicente said being able to have his motorcycle’s oil changed for free was a big relief.

“Motorcycle oil would cost me at least P300 and the labor P200. I was able to save P500 for this which is already a big relief because I don’t earn that much these days,” said Vicente.