Claire dela Fuente’s son reveals how they got infected with COVID-19

Published March 30, 2021, 10:40 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

The world just lost another singing siren, our very own jukebox queen Claire dela Fuente. Her son Gigo confirmed earlier today on his Instagram account that she passed away this morning at 7 a.m.

He started off by admitting that they both found out they’re COVID-positive. His mom was experiencing symptoms and had to be admitted while he is asymptomatic and opted to quarantined himself in his room.

With the news about his mom’s passing, he felt so helpless since it was only his brother and their relatives working on the funeral requirements. Since he was stuck in his room, he decided to post and share a few thoughts online.

He’s worried for his adopted five-year-old daughter Rhianna, sharing, “I just told Rhianna kanina and she couldn’t stop crying. Kahit na alam ko naintindihan nya sinabi ko na, ‘Rhianna, I need to understand that mommy (his mom) can’t come home anymore, she can’t come and she has to go somewhere. She wants you to know that she loves you so much. She will always love you.’ I think naintidihan niya.”

He stressed how his mom has raised him and his brother to be strong and independent. “I just didn’t expect this to happen,” he says about his mom’s passing.

He confesses that it’s been hard staying caged in his room. “Please pray for me na mag-negative na ako, so I can take care of Rhianna and my brother.” He also asked his followers to pray with him, “Pray for my mom and her peace of mind. Madali magalala nanay ko. Nerbyosa siya, so I guess I’ll take this time to say to her na, ‘Ma, It’s okay, pahinga ka na. Thank you for everything… Enjoy ka na with papa upstairs. Kami na behalf dito.'”

He ends his video by sharing how they got infected by the virus, “One of our helpers was briefly exposed by Covid-19 outside. Nahawa Nina nanay ko at ako. It’s a scary silent enemy. Please take care of yourselves.”