Ex-Stray Kids’ Kim Woojin comments on past rumor, solo debut

Published March 23, 2021, 4:03 PM

by Jonathan Hicap

Kim Woojin (10x Entertainment)

Singer Kim Woojin, former member of K-pop boy band Stray Kids, shared his feelings regarding the sexual harassment accusation.

Woojin debuted in Stray Kids in 2018 and left the group in October 2019. In September last year, he was accused of sexual harassment.

On a recent Instagram Live, Woojin revealed what he felt when he was accused of sexual harassment.

“It was true that it was very difficult when I first received rumor damage. I learned that it is not easy to clarify that it is not true,” he said, adding the difficulties in the process of clarifying the rumor.

An overseas Twitter user accused him of sexual harassment. At the time, 10x Entertainment, his agency, said, “Based on communication records and various data, Kim Woo-jin did not visit the place on that date.”

10x Entertainment, in a press release, said that during the investigation by the Seoul Metropolitan Police Department and legal representative, it was revealed that the post was a false disclosure conducted by an anti-fan residing in Brazil who stole photos of other people without permission.

“I hope that no one will be damaged by evil players anymore,” Woojin told fans, adding that he is “preparing for a formal debut.”

Woojin communicates with fans through the Spotify podcast “wooAlog” live and daily content, and is planning to release various content such as visual films during his pre-debut period in the first half of the year .