Stay beautiful with this app that lets you book treatments and earn points

There's even a post-treatment filter to help you decide which services to avail

Staying at home has been the mantra for most of us, but this doesn't mean that we let ourselves get caged inside our homes. We make the most of our time when we're out and this beauty application makes sure of that.

Avignon Clinic, in partnership with Merz Aesthetics, recently launched MASJ Myself App which lets you book treatments and earn points to avail more treatments. It even has a filter that shows you how you look like post-treatment, giving you an idea if this is the skincare you are looking for.

Manila Bulletin Lifestyle interviews Christopher Cachuela, CEO and founder of Avignon, on the partnership and his treatment recommendations.

MB: What services are available in the app?
All Merz Aesthetic Treatments (Ultherapy, Fillers (Belotero and Radiesse) and Anti-wrinkle (Xeonim). Every treatment you book from the app will give you points that can be used for future treatments. Patients can secure their appointments through the app. 

MB: What made you decide to partner with MASJ for the app?
CC: With everyone going online nowadays, the MASJ MYSELF App has helped us to reach more customers conveniently and safely. The app has allowed us to increase engagement with our patients and conduct meaningful interactions. This has also aligned with our loyalty program and discounts which rewards our patients every time they avail our services. They gain points, redeem services, and save more on their aesthetic treatment budget while staying beautiful at the same time. We are already known for lower price points and this app makes our services even more attractive. The app encourages you to DISCOVER leading beauty treatments and start self-enhancement with high caliber aesthetic experts who will help you embrace the best version of yourself. We also like the app because it makes online booking so much easier. With a click of a button, we can already block a schedule for you. It also has filters that lets you enhance your features digitally which can be used as an inspiration for our aesthetic doctors to execute.
Launching the MASJ App is just one of the digital transformation initiatives that our patients can expect for a clinic that is managed and powered by younger leaders. Soon, we will launch a full digital experience in our clinics that will minimize touch points, speed up processes and protect your private information. All of these done without losing the human touch and care that catapulted us into the limelight.

Q: What treatments or services do you recommend for first timers?
CC: Facials are great for deep cleansing and to target specific skin conditions. First timers would definitely enjoy the SilkPeel Facial which makes use of Dermalinfusion technology to exfoliate the skin, extract microcomedones and infuse specialized solutions. A laser treatment is a great way to finish off the treatment. Crystal White Laser is great with the Silkpeel Facial. It gives an instant luminosity to the skin and has a powder finish. With continued sessions, pigmentations lighten and pores tighten.

For patients who are new to lasers and unsure what lasers can do, we like to recommend Clear + Brilliant Gentle Laser. This is dubbed as “baby Fraxel” by international dermatologists. Clear+ Brilliant is a gentle laser for all that has no downtime and can be done in under an hour. It works great in shrinking the pore size and rejuvenating the skin by refiring collagen production. A single session can also ready produce dramatic and noticeable results.

Cachuela believes that self-love plays a big role in one's wellbeing, more so at this time in our lives which is one of the reasons why MASJ Myself App was born—to help Filipinos live, feel, and look better.