OLLH President Gets the Shot under the Supervision of the Medical Director

Published March 16, 2021, 3:16 PM

by Manila Bulletin

From L to R: Mr. Paul Richard Camangian (OLLH President & CEO); Dr. Milagros Joyce Santos (OLLH Medical Director); OLLH Nurse

Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital (OLLH) frontliners, led by the hospital’s senior executives, get vaccinated for COVID-19 on March 8, 2021, in support of the Department of Health’s “RESBAKUNA: Kasangga ng BIDA” campaign which aims to encourage Filipinos to get the shot.

Mr. Paul Richard Camangian, OLLH President & CEO kicks off the vaccination by getting the shot with Dr. Milagros Joyce Santos, Medical Director, supervising the vaccine’s administration to her fellow senior executives and other frontliners.

From L to R: Mr. Jun Diamante (Chief Finance Officer); Dr. Milagros Joyce Santos (Medical Director); Mr. Paul Richard Camangian (President & CEO); Dr. Geraldine Dela Fuente (AVP – Ancillary Services Division); Ms. Ruth Camero (AVP – Nursing Services Division)

Dr. Santos emphasized the importance and impact of taking the lead in the vaccination as one of the members of OLLH’s upper management:

“When we informed the doctors and other frontliners that the administration will be the first to get vaccinated for COVID-19, the number of OLLH healthcare workers who want to get the shot grew. We are positive that we are going to get the 1,086 Sinovac vaccines allotted to us and we are hoping that we can be the first hospital to get 100% of our frontliners vaccinated.”

Aside from taking the helm in the administration of the vaccine, Dr. Santos and her husband Dr. Alfredo Romeo Santos, Chairman of OLLH’s Department of Internal Medicine, also got vaccinated despite being in their 60s to set an example for other healthcare workers.

The senior executives are positive that the move towards 100% vaccination of OLLH’s frontliners will help in gradually dispelling the patients’ fear of hospital-acquired COVID-19 infection:

“I think there will still be some people who will be afraid, but slowly, we hope to change that perspective, and I hope that eventually everyone will be more comfortable and more relaxed when visiting the hospital,” says Mr. Camangian.

OLLH has secured 300 Sinovac vaccines from the DOH, 100 of which were administered today to doctors, nurses, and other frontliners. This will further ensure that OLLH is a safe place and encourage more Filipinos to get the best protection available: vaccination.