Is romance brewing between JM de Guzman, Arci Muñoz?

Published March 16, 2021, 4:37 PM

by Neil Ramos

Never say never, the adage goes.

Arci Muñoz and JM de Guzman have known each other even before they started their respective showbiz careers.

The two actually met as Theatre Arts students in UP Diliman.

In any case, they have since became quite close and now consider each other best buds for life.

Fans however, are not happy with them being just that.

It was no surprise that many of them were quick to tease the two following their recent Boracay getaway.

JM captioned a photo of the together with a simple “Travel with bisprin…”

Arci, on her part, posted a similar photo with the caption: “Much needed getaway with loved ones, like old days, after being locked down for a year.”

Just like that, shippers were quick to come out of the woodwork and in droves.

Some of the comments:

“Di ako naniniwapang bisprin lang…”

“Loved ones daw o!”

“Sana kayo nalang po Idol Chico and Betty!”

“Chemistry is screaming out loud!”

“D ako naniniwalang travel lang. Charot!”

So, is romance possible between the two?