EXCLUSIVE: Celebs and their ‘must-see’ travel destinations

Published March 13, 2021, 10:43 AM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Just like most people, many stars are looking forward to travel again.

With summer just around the corner, we asked some celebrities to share places they’re looking forward to visit.


This is among more popular destinations picked by those we asked including commercial model Japoy Lizardo, hunk actor Fabio Ide, sexy actress Aj Raval, and seasoned star Angelu de Leon.

“I want to experience the ‘new’ Boracay and see its beauty again,” said Angelu.

As for Japoy, he wants his sons to experience the “beautiful white sand beach of Boracay.”

“I’m sure they will enjoy it.”

In fact, he and his whole family are planning to go there this summer.

Fabio couldn’t agree more, reiterating it’s still the “most beautiful beach in the world.”

“Soon will be going to Boracay too with my family for some fresh air,” he said.

Sexy star Phoebe Walker will also be going to Boracay soon, relating it’s her first time to hit the beach since the start of the lockdown.

“I’m so glad I get to do it after a project, it’ll feel more rewarding to relax.”


Some stars are aching to visit Palawan, particularly El Nido.

“Super ganda ng El Nido the first time I went there with my wife was our family moon trip. Bagong kasal kami nu’n. Daming magagandang activities na I’m sure ma-e-enjoy din ng kids namin,” Japoy shared.

Kamikazee frontman Jay Contreras’ estranged wife Sarah Abad also wants to visit Palawan.

“I have seen a couple of YouTube videos of vloggers visiting the beautiful beaches in Palawan and I’ve always dreamed of seeing it in person,” she said.

Fabio would also like to visit it since he has never been there.


Aside from Boracay and Palawan, Fabio is looking forward to go to Siargao.

He explained it is because he loves surfing.

“And the vibe (there are) still very raw compare to other places,” he pointed out.

Singer-actor Jimi Marquez said he was actually supposed to visit Siargao last April but then COVID-19 happened. 

“So by hook or by crook I’ll finally make it happen the first week of April and I’m so excited,” he shared.

Former “Pinoy Big Brother” housemate Gino Roque is also eager to find out the “beauty” that everyone is talking about. 

“Because I’ve never been in Siargao yet and I heard so many great stories about the people, the place, and the whole experience as a whole. Plus I have never surfed before, it will be an amazing experience to have!”


As for the son of former Mayor Herbert Bautista, Race Matias, Batangas is the only local place he wants to visit, sharing some back story.

“It’s my grandmother’s birthplace and home of the famous balisong. I have a modest knife collection and butterfly knives take up half of it. Needless to say, every time I get the opportunity to go over there, I do a bit of hardware shopping. Usually followed by my mother rolling her eyes at me,” he shared.

Despite the situation that people live in now due to the pandemic, Fabio was still able to organize some trips during this summer. Among them was he visited Tali beach in Batangas.


For international trips, most stars picked Japan as a “must-see” travel destination. 

Japoy said he wants to go there because he’s really curious about their culture and see how beautiful the country is. 

“And hindi pa namin sya napupuntahan. We love Japanese food also kaya gusto rin namin maka-try ng authentic Japanese food and visit Tokyo Disneyland for the kids!”

Angelu couldn’t agree more.

She said: “It wouldn’t be JaFun for nothing.”

As an nth-time visitor, she could attest how the food there is “so good.” 

“Kahit convenient stores lang panalo na,” was how she put it.

“There are so many places to see and culture to experience. So whether you’re budgeted or ready to splurge you get the best of both worlds in Japan,” Angelu added.

Race, on the other hand, noted how the pandemic taught him a lot of things but one of his biggest takeaways is learning about anime. 

“My brother has been a long-time fan. For a long time, I never really understood why. Now I do. And I can’t believe how much I missed out on. Japan is the first country I’d visit again when things go back to ‘normal,'” he declared.


As a big fan of martial arts, Race also wants to experience Thailand.

“Nothing would make me happier than spending a week or two at a Muay Thai training camp.”


As for Sarah, who is a self-proclaimed avid fan of K-drama and K-pop, she likes to go to Seoul, South Korea. 

“I haven’t been to Korea yet. So I’ve always hoped to finally be able to see and visit all the places I’ve only seen on TV.”


The Maldives is Phoebe’s Asian pick, relating she’s “very fond” of beaches.

“Plus the Maldives is slowly sinking.”


Former Pinoy Big Brother Housemate Gino Roque IV, meanwhile, is focusing on trying the delicacies of Beijing in China. 

“Another place I have yet to visit, but I love Chinese food! (Second to Filipino food of course). And I remember someone told me the Great Wall of China is one of the few landmarks built by man that can be seen from space – now that is something I want to see. And it took roughly 20 years to build without the tools we have today.”


Aside from Beijing, Gino has also never been to Egypt. But he thinks there is something “amazing” about seeing the Pyramids in person compared to looking at pictures and videos online. 

“Always been fascinated about Egypt, the Pharaohs and the history that goes behind it. How they have become immortalized for thousands of years,” he explained.


Angelu said Europe is a destination that is so easy to get from one place to another. 

For Jimi, his top three travel destinations there are Prague, Florence, and Santorini.

And if Phoebe is to pick in there, she’ll choose Greece because her dad always talks about how “beautiful” the islands are.

“And how he could’ve taken a job there instead of in Hong Kong. Thankfully he didn’t otherwise I wouldn’t be here (Philippines),” she added.


Phoebe also believes that Hawaii should be on the list. 

“I’m sure is on everyone’s must-see list,” she reiterated.

Sarah likes to go back to San Francisco and Los Angeles. She shared that since the pandemic, she missed being able to go to America to visit family and friends who live there.