Barbie Imperial taunts fan who reacted to cryptic post

Published March 13, 2021, 2:21 PM

by Neil Ramos

What’s in a post? Well, a lot of trouble for one.

Barbie Imperial has been enjoying some peace and quiet for some time until recently.

Unfortunately, she got dragged into the mess involving actors Kiko Estrada, Devon Seron and Heaven Peralejo, all because she can’t help but post, “In the mood for hot tea.”

She could actually be talking about real tea for all we know, but some fans won’t have any of it.

They believe she is referring to “Bagong Umaga” co-stars Kiko and Heaven who are now being alleged to having an affair.

Note Heaven has denied the allegation.

Some of the comments:


“Di dapat tsaa dapat kape sa iyo kasi mahilig ka sumawsaw sa isyu ng iba. Parang kape lang na pwedeng sawsawan ng tinapay…”


“Gumagawa ng issue para maging relevant.”

The sexy Bicolana took it all in stride until one fan commented: “Me reading comments sa article…Nakakatawa nag backfire! For me lang kapag hindi kayo kasali sa issue huwag kayo sawsaw lalo na kapag WALA KAYONG PROOF!

Apparently, Barbie knows the netizen personally.

Her retort: “I keep my mouth shut kahit marami akong nakita. So sige, Candy. Make sure to say this at my face when I see you at taping next week.”

Who is Candy?

Why will she be at the taping of “Bagong Umaga?”

Will there be a catfight on set?

Does anybody care?