Why Derek Ramsay wants to spend the rest of his life with Ellen Adarna

Published March 12, 2021, 4:00 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

He is known to some as the hunk who doesn’t want to get married ever, but Derek Ramsay insisted it is far from the truth.

“I want to, I’m just not rushing it kasi I want to find the right person,” he explained in a recent interview with “24 Oras.”

It seems he has finally found “The One” in Ellen Adarna, his current girlfriend.

He attested, “Talking about the future and talking about the ‘M’ word seems so natural, like I have no fear.”

Derek then added, “I would be lying to you, to myself, to everyone, if I didn’t say she is the girl I want to spend the rest of my life with.”

Ellen on her part said she is now more open to the idea.

“I think I’ve been very vocal about it na ayoko talagang magpakasal. I just want a kid. I can’t imagine myself getting married,” she shared in the same interview.

But she noted she and Derek are talking about the future, a “first time” for her.

Derek believes it’s because they’re “super at ease” with each other. 

“We’re both alphas, very strong personalities, but when we’re together, it’s calm,” Derek related.

“Sobrang komportable kaming pag-usapan ‘yung mga bagay na would definitely make us tense in the past,” he added. 

“Like when I hear that word (before), wala na, walk away na ako. Iwan ko na kayo,” Ellen interjected, seemingly recalling how awkward these topics were for her.