Eraserheads’ frontman Ely Buendia explains real meaning of ‘Spoliarium’

It turns out, it is all just coincidence

Ely Buendia (Photo from Instagram) and a still from ‘Spoliarium’ music video

Eraserhead frontman Ely Buendia has set the record straight about the true meaning of the song “Spoliarium.”

In an episode of Jim Baccaro and Saab Magalona’s “Wake up with Jim and Saab” podcast, Ely says, “‘Spoliarium’ is one of those cases where, really, the myth has sort of taken over the facts and I kinda like it. I kinda like the myth. Because the actual meaning of the song is also, again, just really mundane.”

According to him, the song was all about getting drunk and that the “Enteng and Joey” was a nod to the band’s road manager. 

Named after Juan Luna’s 1884 masterpiece, the song is included in the band’s “Sticker Happy” album from 1997. For many years, fans of the iconic band has associated the song with the alleged rape and later suicide of ‘80s young actress Pepsi Paloma, associating television hosts Vic Sotto, Joey de Leon, and the late Richie d’ Horsie. 

Ever since, the song had been referenced for rape crimes and a joke to the aforementioned TV personalities. But Ely clarifies that the song’s connection with the case was all coincidental. Despite what he has revealed about the song, fans having different interpretations about his art is fine with him. 

“But you know, whatever people wanna think about that song, it’s fine. That’s the beauty of it,” Ely says.

Watch the music video of “Spoliarium” below.