VP Leni to women: Answer the calls to leadership

Published March 8, 2021, 9:19 AM

by Raymund Antonio

Despite gains in women empowerment in recent years, the “road remains long” for gender equality, Vice President Leni Robredo said in her message for the International Women’s Day as she calls on women to “answer the calls of leadership” and work together towards a fairer and kinder world.

Vice President Leni Robredo (JANSEN ROMERO / MANILA BULLETIN)

Robredo affirmed the “tireless struggle” of women that paved the way for many gains such as the right to vote, economic and political participation, and legislation for women’s rights that has become “more gender-equal over the past several generations.”

“Despite these gains however, the road remains long,” she lamented, noting that cases of domestic violence continue to rise and the COVID-19 pandemic made it even harder for the victims to break away from their abusers.

Robredo said there are still places in the world where women do not have access to education, where they are forced into marriages, and where they are “left with no choice but to dream smaller.”

The vice president stressed that although there are “spheres where women participation has improved, gaps in gender balance at the highest levels of leadership still need to be filled to truly create a more inclusive, holistic climate of change.”

The celebration of women today, Robredo said, must be a reminder that “we need to band together to continue the work.” The lady official called on women and allies to create an environment where “all genders can flourish and contribute to society.”

Despite recognizing the struggles and victories of the women that came before her, Robredo said there is more work that needs to be done.

“Because progress hinges not on the brilliance of a few, but in the sustained united effort of all,” she added. “Let us answer the calls to leadership, face the trials of our time with resolve, and strive towards a fairer, kinder, more humane world, where no one is left behind.”