Julia Barretto, Joshua Garcia’s old statements on Bea Alonzo-Gerald Anderson resurface

Published March 8, 2021, 6:47 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Young actress Julia Barretto is in hot water after hunk actor Gerald Anderson recently revealed he’s “very happy” because of her.

Note that because of the actor’s recent statement — and, of course, Julia herself posting a photo of them together — many were quick to conclude that rumors about her being the third wheel that caused his breakup with Bea Alonzo was true.

Recall that the two were rumored to be in a relationship way back in 2019. But Gerald and Julia firmly denied the insinuation.

“Hindi ko siya naging boyfriend and hindi ko siya boyfriend ngayon. Therefore, wala akong inagawan ng boyfriend, wala akong inahas, at tsaka wala din akong nilandi,” she said from a previous report.



Now, some fans are reviving Julia’s statement noting how she even called out Bea for “bullying” her.


“Kapal ng muka talaga ni Julia Barretto noh????  She still has this post til now and look who was in a relationship with Gerald Anderson. Hahaha what a joke,” an online user wrote.

“The audacity of Julia Barretto to post these only to find out everything was REAL and true ohmygod girl,” another added.

Some also commented: “Julia had the gall to paint Bea as the one playing the victim card & some of her fans before, were asking Bea to say sorry to Julia for getting all the hate. Now that Gerald finally admitted their relationship, some people are still defending them. LET’S NOT ROMANTICIZE CHEATING.”


Meanwhile, many believe that Bea’s recent post is also about the two.


On the other hand, some fans are sympathizing with Julia’s ex-boyfriend, Joshua Garcia. 

Others even shared the time when the young actor even defended Julia and Gerald.

Joshua was quoted as saying, “Parang hindi naman totoo ‘yun. Parang hindi naman magagawa sa akin ni Julia tsaka magagawa ni Kuya Gerald. Kuya ko na ‘yun eh.”