A great deal awaits Grab vehicle operators

Published March 8, 2021, 12:34 PM

by Inigo Roces

Maintaining both a vehicle and business can be quite a challenge. It’s doubly hard for those operating Grab vehicles as the times the vehicle is not on the road can mean money lost. That’s why Hella, a leading European manufacturer of auto parts, partners with Grab Philippines to ensure transport safety inside and out.

Last year, Grab instituted various health and safety protocols for its operational services to help protect its drivers and consumers. Despite facing risks, partner drivers continue to be at the frontlines to provide services needed by the public. As an extra layer of safety and to also reward their hard work and contribution, Hella partners with Grab to offer its drivers more benefits. This enables them to reduce costs and equip their vehicles with the parts that matter.

“Grab has been providing essential services to many Filipinos over the course of the varying quarantine classifications. With the immense pressure and demand placed on their partner drivers, Hella wants to thank them by providing them with exclusive access to quality, reliable, and more affordable aftermarket parts. This will not only help them keep their vehicles in check, but also provide protection to their livelihood and source of income while they continue to serve the greater community,” said Jason De Leon, Hella Country Manager for Philippines.

Beginning last December, Grab drivers can avail of a wide range of Hella parts such as horns, bulbs, wipers, and dash cams at select retail stores and detailing workshops. Exclusively available to this partnership, drivers can get up to 30 percent discount for every Hella part that they purchase and receive special partnership freebies.

“As we help our economy and businesses to recover from the impacts of the pandemic, safe and reliable transport solutions and delivery services will remain important factor for many of our kababayans. We are excited to be working alongside Hella in providing our drivers and delivery riders with means to help maintain their vehicles so that they can serve our customers and businesses safely and more efficiently,” said Grab Philippines Head of Transport and Shared Services Ronald Roda.