Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Paulo Avelino in hot water over propaganda scandal

Published March 1, 2021, 3:41 PM

by Neil Ramos

Not a few were shocked hearing reports about Paulo Avelino and Jasmine Curtis-Smith supposedly allowing their social media accounts to be used in spreading fake news in exchange for money.

Some of the comments:

“Paulo, I’m so disappointed!”

“I’m not shocked to see Jasmine’s name here. Her boyfriend is a Marcos loyalist after all…”

“Why, oh why???”

Avelino’s manager,  JJ Henson, maintained they were not aware that the actor’s social media page is being used in disseminating propaganda, citing it is being handled by his fan club president, Michael Balondo.

Balondo is yet to comment on the issue.

Meanwhile, Curtis-Smith is still mum on the allegation.

Other celebrities mentioned in the scandal include DJ Chacha, Mocha Uson, Sam Pinto.

These celebrities allegedly earned millions for their effort.

Sharon Cuneta has dipped her fingers into the matter.

When asked about it in a recent interview, she made clear her embarrassment.

“Oh my God, ikinahihiya ko sila! 

“Alam ko mahirap ang buhay, pero when does it stop? When does the moral high ground come in? Do you even have it? Do you even know it?

“Kasi di hamak na mas rerespetuhin ko ang isang totoong tao na tapat sa ginagawa kesa dun sa pasimple kang nagpapabayad para mag-spread ka ng peke.

“Ginagamit mo yung impluwensiya mo sa maling paraan para kumita.

“It’s despicable to me. It’s unacceptable to me.

“Ikinahihiya ko na sabihing kasama ko sila sa industriya.”