Tongits Go: The most addictive Tongits game in Philippines

Published February 25, 2021, 8:00 AM

by Manila Bulletin

Who here has not played Tongits? It is, by far, one of the most popular contemporary card games among Filipinos.

Its origins remain unknown but it was first popularized by the Ilocanos.It was believed to have been first played in Pangasinan in the mid 1980s and was then called “tung-it”. The game has been compared to another popular Asian game, mahjong, and it shares similarities with rummy.

Tongits uses a standard deck of 52 cards and has a maximum of four players. Each player is dealt 12 cards, with the dealer getting 13; the rest of the cards are left in a central stack. The objective of the game is to use up all the cards in the hand in set combinations, built either by using the other players’ discarded cards or those drawn from the central stack.

Tongits was a popular game whenever people got together, and with lockdowns and quarantines, it’s getting even more popular online. Tongits Go (TG) now enjoys the most number of downloads and the highest number of player registrations so far, said Playjoy, the company that created TG. The company has more than 20 million players in the Philippines, thanks to its deliberate strategy to create chess and casual card games that are distinctly Filipino.Playjoy also makes it its goal to create games that are fun to play with friends and family.

Seven different levels of game modes make the game super exciting. Players can compete as a Newbie, Amateur, Intermediate, Superior, Expert, Master or Legend. At the same time, the game also contains tournaments, SNG and other competition modes.

Inside Tongits Go are exciting games includingPusoy Go, Lucky 9 Go, Poker Landand Bingo Land, in addition to five kinds of chess and casual card games.

The game is also very entertaining and competitive. Not only are the games a contest with others, the rewards just keep getting better as you play. The Jackpot prize pool accumulation is added to the gameplay and players with consecutive victories can get higher rewards.

There’s also a battle mode in the tournament gameplay for players who like challenges. Compete with players from Southeast Asia, South America, North America and other regions.Players can team up and play as a group, or simply follow others’ games. Strangers can also come together over TG for friendly competition.

Tongits Go is constantly updated, improved, and optimized; new product features are regularly added and different gameplays are used to raise the fun and playability. Players have found it an effective outlet for relieving the stress of being under lockdown, or connecting with friends and family even from a distance. “Tongits Go breaks the long distance between us, and allows us to enjoy the happiness of being together in a different place,” commented one player.

Tongits Go’s goal is to “build a green and healthy gaming community platform.” It is currently the most popular board game of Playjoy, andits rankings in the Google and Apple store are rising faster than expected. At the end of 2020, Playjoyis set to continue to ride the waveby raising the quality of gameplay and opening up new game markets.

Simply type “Tongits Go” on your Google search bar and click on the download link of Tongits Go on the Google Playstore or App Store.