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Published February 25, 2021, 7:35 AM

by Jullie Y. Daza


Jullie Y. Daza

Vanessa Calixto looks of an age that’s between Millennial and Gen Z, and as it’s not good manners to ask a woman for her age, I did not. Besides, I was more interested in finding out what it means for her to work for Philippine Red Cross as a fund generator.

To my ears, “fund generator” must be a tougher job than fund raiser, for just when I was about to ask her more questions, people around the table were talking to her at the same time. See what the sound of those two words can do? To my mind, when a fund generator generates funds, those funds keep generating more funds, in contrast to a fund raiser who, once the funds are raised, may consider the work done.

Yes to another form of Red-tagging here, with Brian Giger, a 26-year-old Red Cross volunteer who with six other guys has set up a system that’s too new, too contemporary-futuristic, too techie for me to understand or explain. All I know is that Brian completed his basic and high school education in Xavier School before his parents, Cap (he’s Swiss) and Annie (Chinoy), sent him off to Switzerland to continue schooling. Now he and his friends have set up a mechanism to gather nouns, numbers, and data – such as the amounts generated by Vanessa? – to help Red Cross manage and operate more efficiently, more effectively.

Speaking of which, Brian said a COVID-19 saliva test in Switzerland costs almost P10,000 compared to the P1,800 charged by PRC under Senator Dick Gordon.

Red Cross charities, collectibles from PhilHealth, and saliva tests aside, Brian went through the eye of a syringe before he could land in Manila on his most recent trip. Traveling from Switzerland via Thailand, he was off-loaded in Bangkok as the protocols kept changing from one hour to the next, between Europe and Southeast Asia. When he was finally allowed to board, Brian calculated he had lost four days. Charge it to the pandemic and those ever-changing rules at airports anywhere.

What’s it like riding in an airplane? Answer: watching a movie in a moviehouse. Enclosed space, airconditioning on full blast, surrounded by strangers. Says OCTA: Head for the exit as soon as you see someone eating popcorn!