Kitkat shares quotes on respect after alleged fight with Janno Gibbs

Published February 22, 2021, 12:32 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Little-known comedienne Kitkat is flooding her Instagram feed with a variety of quotes of late. 

Some of them are about respect.

While the rest are, well, you could just read for yourself here:

Kitkat didn’t explain what these quotes are for but many netizens assumed it’s directed towards singer-actor Janno Gibbs whom she supposedly had a spat with.

Talk about the two having a quarrel started a few days ago with Ogie Diaz and Mama Loi even sharing about it on their YouTube channel. 

According to the two, Janno cursed Kitkat while shooting a segment for their noontime variety show “Happy Time” on Net 25.

“Parang sa isang portion, may game kung saan bago makasagot kailangan unahan muna makakuha ng scarf, so pagkuha ng scarf — eh si Marco Sison daw na contestant (din) ang nauuna, nauunahan si Janno Gibbs,” shared Ogie.

“So, ngayon, akala ni Janno Gibbs, pinagbibintangan si Kitkat na pinapaburan si Marco,” Mama Loi continued. 

Supposedly, Janno just started berating Kitkat there and then.

Janno also allegedly threw a microphone and walked out of the studio.

Kitkat supposedly finished the show by her lonesome.

Janno hasn’t issued a statement on the issue as of this writing.