Calling All Plant Parents!

Published February 20, 2021, 11:00 AM

by Philip Cu Unjieng

‘The very first SM Plant Fest is happening nationwide from February 15 to the 28th. It’s THE place to be for a wide array of plants and gardening essentials.’

Greenscapes SM North Edsa

SM is well aware of the growing number of Plant Parents, today’s plantitas and plantitos; and so SM has gone nationwide in offering their first ever Plant Fest. It’s the heaven-sent festival for anyone who has a passion—new-found or long established—for gardening and growing plants. Besides promoting a green environment, these plants have become a source of comfort and happiness, reducing the stress and anxiety that’s been such a prevalent part of our lives ever since the pandemic struck. 

Mega Green Hub

From February 15 to 28, SM Supermalls all over the archipelago will have green hubs, where a wonderful selection of plants and greenery are for sale, and where gardening equipment, essentials, and accessories will be offered. Whether one is a neophyte Plant Parent, or even a ‘Plant Grandparent’, it’s a safe bet that you’ll find much to share at these SM green hubs. There’s a strong sense of community among the plantitas and plantitos, so this month long extravaganza should serve as a welcome opportunity to share notes, bond, and meet new Plant Parents. 

SM City Bacoor Plant & Dine

As part of the Plant Fest’s activities, SM wisely realized that there are still so many who want to take those first steps into joining the Plant Community, or just want things reaffirmed and/or compare notes. And so SM is treating their green shoppers to an exciting video series that helps one to be a responsible Plant Parent, and gives us tips on creating that garden that is suitable to your personality and lifestyle. It’s all about getting advice to ensure the survival and good health of your plants. And obviously, make your green parenting that much more an enjoyable experience. 

SM Seaside Plant Fest

The great part about the six webisodes produced is that they take into full consideration the variety of plants that have become part of the green thumb craze. Plantitas and plantitos will have their favorites, their preferences; and it’s wonderful to see SM recognizing this as they conceptualized the video series.

The Jungle Nook at SM City Cagayan de Oro

The featured Plant Experts include Vangie Go for Orchids, Bobby Gopiao and Elvis Magadia for Bonsai, Botchie Canicula for Starter Plants, Doreen Dofitas for Airplants and Bromeliads, Wendy Regalado for Ferns (my personal favorite), May Tolentino for Aroids, and Toto Barcelona for Urban Gardening. 

Mini Greenery at SM City General Santos

Vangie Go is the current President of the Philippine Orchid Society. Bobby Gopiao is President of Asia Pacific Bonsai & Asia Bonsai Friendship Federation, while Elvis Magadia is a Director of the Philippine Bonsai Society. Botchie Canicula is the owner-operator of NVC Garden, House of Rare Foliage. Doreen Dofitas is a popular horticulturist from Bacolod.

Plant Fest in SM City Iloilo

Wendy Regalado is actually an architect and landscaper, with a garden haven in Antipolo, and she’s the daughter of renowned writer and publisher Gilda Cordero-Fernando. May Tolentino is well known in green circles for her work on ariods and philodendrons; while Toto Barcelona is the President of Harbest Agribusiness Corp.

Wendy Regalado

In the case of Toto Barcelona, his webisode includes recommended vegetables and herbs for backyards and small kitchen spaces, as well as tips on starting your own herb garden. He talks about urban gardening and greenhouses, and I loved how he’s talking beyond decorative or ornamental plants, to growing things that are edible and can be consumed by the household.

Toto Barcelona

I’ve always been partial to Ferns, so it was interesting to watch Wendy Regalado talk about her start in gardening, her growing and taking care of ferns; and how, if you eventually want to monetize your love for plants and the aesthetic eye you might have, you can shift to being a landscaper. With these two webisodes, one was treated to the vista of possibilities that being a Plant Parent can lead to. 

So no matter where in the country you may be, as long as there’s an SM Supermall near you; head to the Plant Fest, and get excited by the green life that beckons.