FB, Twitter chat prompts quick response to road defect concerns

Published February 18, 2021, 5:10 PM

by Betheena Kae Unite

Social media reporting continues to be effective in responding to road concerns as two more road defects in Manila were acted upon by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) recently.

Two road sections with potholes and uneven carriageway were recently repaired thanks to concerned citizens who reported the road defects through the department social media platforms.

According to DPWH Secretary Mark Villar, they received a report through their Facebook and Twitter pages on a damaged pavement on Maharlika Highway in Tacloban City and on Mel Lopez Boulevard in Manila.

A concerned individual sought the help of the agency on an uneven road surface of an asphalt layer which is an accident-prone spot along Maharlika Highway in Imelda Village, Tacloban City.

The road was later repaired by installing an asphalt transition on the carriageway.

Another report that reached the state infrastructure agency was the concern of residents on road potholes along Mel Lopez Boulevard that causes roadway noise and ground shaking from trucks plying the road. 

A maintenance team later responded to repair potholes.

On February 13, the department acted upon a report from a citizen on a road work in  Bulacan with no warning signs. In January, potholes and uneven road concerns in Manila also reached the department through social media which were also fixed later. 

The public was again reminded to lodge similar concerns through the agency’s Stakeholders Relations Service Hotline 165-02; Viber at 0961-684-7084; or through the official DPWH social media pages.