Sweet big sister Bangs Garcia misses brother with Down syndrome

Published February 17, 2021, 5:08 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Since former actress and now mom-of-two Bangs Garcia migrated to the United Kingdom, she has been trying her best to fly back to visit her family especially her brother who is two years younger than her.

What’s so special about their bond is that Bangs is a doting big sister to her brother Ayi. Just last week, she posted, “Sending my virtual hugs & kisses to the original baby of my life, my brother Ayi. Just because I’m missing you too much! Not too long now, we’ll be bonding again soon! Glad you liked your new tablet. Love you, always!”

It can be recalled that Bangs got into showbiz in 2008 with the main reason of helping her family with the expenses. Since then, she’s been doing her best to support and make her brother happy.

Since her brother, along with her whole family, is based in Davao, she takes him out. This was when they went to the arcade.

She also fulfilled his wish to dance on TV.

And it did! She took this video of him, three days after his live dance on #Wowowin taping. “I am so happy that two of your dreams have been fulfilled during our latest vacation in Manila—to have a proper spot dance number LIVE on TV 2 and to have a real job (at a restaurant).”

This is just too endearing! Ayi wouldn’t be where he is now if not for big sister Bangs.