ASEAN wide motor vehicle sales plunge 29% in 2020

Published February 17, 2021, 6:00 AM

by Bernie Cahiles-Magkilat

Motor vehicle sales in ASEAN plunged 29 percent in pandemic year 2020 with all countries in the red with Indonesia and the Philippines posting the steepest declines, data from the ASEAN Automotive Federation (AAF) showed.

Based on the AFF data, ASEAN countries’ combined sales reached only 2,453,808 units in 2020 or 29 percent lower than the 2019 figure of 3,458,476 units.  There were only 8 ASEAN countries that reported sales to AFF.

Of this figure, Indonesia, the region’s biggest market contributed only 532,027 units or 48.4 percent lower than its 1,030,126 units sold in 2019.

The Philippines also ended as the second worst performer in the region with 39.5 percent decline in sales last year to 223,793 units sold from 369,941 units in 2019.

Thailand, the region’s automotive manufacturing hub, was able to sell 792,146 units or 21.4 units lower than the 1,007,552 units sold in the previous year.

Malaysia sold 522,573 units, Vietnam 296,634 units, Myanmar 17,707 units, Singapore 56,423 units, and Brunei 12,505 units.

In terms of motor vehicle production, the region also substantially reduced capacity in 2020 by 31.6 percent to 2,846,028 units from 4,158,983 units produced in 2019.

Indonesia still led the declines with 46.4 percent having produced only 690,150 units from 1,286,848 units in 2019. Thailand’s production was also reduced by 29.1 percent to 1,427,074 units from 2,013,710 units the previous year.

The Philippines was able to produce 67,297 units or 29.2 percent lower than the 95,094 units sold in 2019.

Other countries also declined production. Malaysia produced only 485,186 units, Myanmar 10,753 units, and Vietnam 165,568 units.

In terms of motorcycle and scooter sales, the AAF data showed the region’s sales dropped only by 19 percent with total sales of 3,231,341 units from 3,989,656 units in 2019. The biggest sales come from Thailand with 1,516,096 units followed by the Philippines with 1,206,374 units. There were only three ASEAN countries that reported motorcycle sales to AAF.

The region also reported total motorcycle and scooters production at 2,739,179 units from 3,663,508 units in 2019. The Philippines produced 631,370 units or 45.6 percent lower than the 1,161,646 units produced the previous year.

Thailand produced 1,615,319 units from 1,948,480 units in 2019 and Malaysia with 492,490 units from 553,382 units. Only three ASEAN countries reported production figure.