To be or not to be: Kdrama couples who fell in love on set

Published February 14, 2021, 10:31 AM

by Angie Chui

The power of Korean dramas is strong. And so is the chemistry of most actors who are cast for the lead roles. As evidenced by behind the scenes footages, fans constantly ship the actors to end up together in
real life because they just go so well together.

For some actors, the pull becomes too strong and they end up dating for real. For some, the relationship has worked out but for others, busy schedules and negative comments take its toll. Here are some
Kdrama relationships that began on set.

Image credit: tvN

Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin. The RiRi (from their character names Ro Jong Hyeok and Yoon Seri) or the BinJin (Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin) couple started out as friends who worked on the movie The Negotiation in 2018.

Despite only appearing together in one scene in the movie, they wanted to work together again. Their wish was granted with the megahit drama Crash Landing on You where their strong chemistry became too strong to be ignored.

The couple did not start dating until after the drama when they realized they missed each other. Awwwww.

Image credit: SBS

Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young.
Kdrama superstars Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young fell in love on the set of the action drama City Hunter. Cast and crew who worked on the show said that it was very obvious that the two were developing feelings for each other while filming.

They were also all praises for each other during the promotional tour. Unfortunately, the relationship lasted only five months before their careers got in the way of their happily ever after.

Eugene and Ki Tae Young. If there ever was evidence of a happily ever after among celebrity couples, it would be Eugene and Ki Tae Young. The pair worked together in the drama Creating Destiny and fell in love with each other.

They got married in 2011 and had their first child Rohee two years after. They were one of the first celebrity couples to give fans a glimpse of their family life on Return of Superman.

In a recent interview, Eugene still spoke glowingly about her husband and talked about how Rohee got her smarts from her dad.

Image credit: SBS

Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo. Because of the massive success of the drama Descendants of the Sun in 2016, fans were shipping the Song Song couple so hard that they were searching for clues even from innocent social media posts of the two actors.

It turned out that their hunch was right. The couple fell in love on set and announced that they were getting married in October 2017. The news was celebrated by fans of the reel and real life couple but the couple announced that they were getting divorced in June 2019, barely two years after they tied the knot.

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Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol. Because of Reply 1988 was so well written, viewers had a really hard time deciding whether they wanted to ship Hyeri with Park Bo Gum or Ryu Jun Hyeol.

By the drama’s end, it was revealed that Deok Sun (Hyeri) ended up being married to Choi Taek (Park Bo Gum), leaving Jung Hwan (Ryu Jun Hyeol) heartbroken. Good thing for shippers of Hyeri and Jun Yeol, the pair decided to date in real life. They are still going strong after revealing their relationship in 2017.

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Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung. All throughout the drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, fans were sleuthing for clues about the real life relationship of lead stars Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung.

The pair was outed by Dispatch and shippers rejoiced the good news of their real life dating status. However, the relationship lasted only for a couple of months before their agency YG Entertainment confirmed that they have decided to part ways.