‘Bakit jowable si Teacher?’ DepEd tells you why

Published February 13, 2021, 8:44 AM

by Merlina Hernando-Malipot

Gone are the days when teachers are perceived as perpetually single individuals who missed their chances at love because of dedicating their lives to teaching and their students. 

(Photo from DepEd)
(Photo from DepEd)

While teachers remain as dedicated and passionate about their profession, the Department of Education (DepEd) believes that there are more qualities to love about these men and women who tirelessly mold the minds of the Filipino youth.

DepEd, as part of its #FlexItFriday series, posted infographics entitled: “Bakit jowable si Teacher? (Why is teacher jowable?)” which enumerates the qualities of teachers that make them lovable. 

The root word of “jowable” is “jowa” which, in Pinoy slang, refers to a girlfriend or a boyfriend. Thus, being “jowable” means a person possesses admirable qualities that would make him or her attractive for a potential romantic relationship. 

Posted on its official Facebook page on Friday, Feb. 12 in time for this year’s Valentine’s Day celebration, DepEd said: “Sina ma’am at sir, hindi lang sa classroom bida! Dahil ang qualities nila, kaibig-ibig talaga. Flex mo naman sina teacher na check na check sa qualities na nakalista!” 

Aside from being dedicated – as many of them spend their time beyond work hours to tend to their students and schools – DepEd said that among the top qualities that make teachers “jowable” is being organized. 

“Hindi biro mag-ayos ng lesson plan kaya for sure bawat mahalagang petsa sa relasyon niyo hinding-hindi rin mawawaglit sa priorities niya, nakalista pa (Making lesson plans is not a joke so for sure, the important dates in your relationship will be prioritized and listed),” DepEd said. 

Teachers, according to DepEd, are also best at “giving second chances” since they are always willing to forgive their students even when they are late in submitting school requirements. 

DepEd said that the creativity of teachers – as shown in their tireless effort to make visual aids during special occasions – is also of another level! Despite the learning distance set-up right now, teachers are able to find so many ways to “reach out” to their students to guide them. 

Most of all, DepEd said that teachers are expected to fight for what is right. “Matapang siya para sa mga minamahal niya (They are brave for the people that they love),” it added. 

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