Mental health orgs react to ‘Tililing’ poster

Published February 11, 2021, 11:09 AM

by Gabriela Baron

Two mental health organizations gave their reaction to the controversial movie poster for the upcoming film “Tililing.”


In a statement, the Philippine Psychiatric Association (PPA) underscored that mental health “should be valued, promoted and protected” and reminded the public that persons living with mental health conditions should be free for stigmatization.

“Films and other forms of expression, reflect different human conditions. Artists are naturally gifted with freedom of expression, and socially sanctioned. However, freedom is accompanied by responsibility. All other forms of media may be strong allies in raising mental health awareness,” PPA highlighted.

Meanwhile, the Philippine Mental Health Association (PMHA) said that stereotyped and negative portrayal of mental illness in the media “have profound implications” for persons suffering from mental illness.

“As a powerful source of information, we encourage the media to be cautious and responsible in presenting information about mental health. An accepting and encouraging social environment will allow people with mental health concerns to feel supported,” PMHA furthered.

The group reiterated that stigmatizing remarks and portrayal of mental illness “can be counterproductive to their well-being.”

“Mental illness is not a joke. It’s time we take mental health seriously,” it added.

The controversial poster for the upcoming movie “Tililing” has drawn flak on social media for supposedly making fun of people suffering from mental illness. 

Support group Anxiety and Depression Support Philippines and Liza Soberano likewise decried the poster, pointing out that it made a joke out of mental health.

Meanwhile, director Darryl Yap defended his upcoming film.

“The script, the whole story was written a decade ago, and it is with pride and bravery to claim that — you haven’t seen anything like this before.”