Would you pay $76,000 for this pair of Birkinstocks?

Published February 10, 2021, 1:51 PM

by Jerico Villamonte

Birkinstock, a reworked Birkin bag turned into Birkenstock sandals, is the most luxe casual footwear to date.

Famous for the shoes with holy water soles a.k.a. the “Jesus Shoes“, MSCHF is back again for another viral drop. This time, the brand releases a pair of sandals made out of a luxury bag dubbed as the Birkinstock. Sold up to $76,000 (depending on the kind of leather used) these bespoke sandals are made from real skin bags, either of crocodile, young bull, or ostrich which comes in red, white, and black colorways. These sandals are also detailed with vermail gold buckles and anatomically shaped cork-latex footbed and suede lining, a Birkenstock signature.

If you have to be wait-listed to get yourself a Birkin bag, acquiring a pair of Birkinstock is not as easy as well. If you’re interested to get yourself a pair for your precious sole, you have to inquire for a purchase because these sandals don’t have stocks, you actually have to request for a pair.

Birkinstock is MSCHF’s 39th unique merch drop and if you want to know about their future offerings, you have to tune in on their website on the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month or download their app here.

Image source: Birkinstock.shoes