Come and get a cup of Tandoori tea, it is trendy in Bangladesh

Published February 10, 2021, 10:48 AM

by Xinhua

In Bangladesh, the hot beverage culture features an inclination towards tea. People in Bangladesh sip tea multiple times throughout the day.

A vendor warms clay mug in fire for “tandoori” tea at a roadside stall in Savar, Bangladesh on Feb. 5, 2021. (Xinhua/ MANILA BULLETIN)

Apart from the classic milk tea, green tea, seven-color tea and spiced tea are among the tea favorites for most of the people in the Southeast Asian country.

To the list is also the latest addition Tandoori tea which gained a huge popularity among tea connoisseurs recently.

The Tandoori tea is deemed unique for offering varied flavors and drinking from a clay cup. In the Bangladesh capital Dhaka it is very hot currently.

A market place in Savar located on the outskirts of the national capital Dhaka often sees on nights many people hanging out at a Tandoori tea stall, which creates a delicious and welcome taste of the regular aromatic beverage.

This special tea is made with additional ingredients smoked usually in clay mugs baked at high temperatures.