Philippine Red Cross strengthens vaccination efforts through ‘Bus 143’

Published February 8, 2021, 1:42 PM

by Merlina Hernando-Malipot

The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) continues to strengthen its vaccination efforts so it can  can reach more communities and provide vaccines – even in far-flung areas.


Among the recent efforts of PRC is the in partnership with UBE Express of the Bert Lina Group of Companies. UBE Express made available a newly designed bus to PRC. “This new transportation by PRC and the Bert Lina Group of Companies will be consistent in providing vaccines to communities,” said PRC Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Senator Richard Gordon. 

Christened as “PRC Bus 143,” the unique design is tailored to the needs of vaccination as well as other mobile health services. PRC Bus 143 can also be used for vitamin A administration, well-baby clinics, out-patient consultations for hypertension and diabetes, TB diagnosis and pre-natal care.

“PRC Bus 143 also ensures a secure place for vaccination,” Gordon said. “The bus itself has a clinic-like setup,” he added. 

Gordon said that with the partnership of Bert Lina Group of Companies, PRC can reach more communities and provide vaccines even in far-flung areas. 

The “PRC Bus 143” will be manned by a driver on a 14-day duty, a doctor who will serve as the team leader, six nurses, one med technologist, four assistants for the IT/medical records, communications officer, logistics officer, and a security officer.

PRC conducted a mobile vaccination for measles in Brgy. Holy Spirit, Quezon City Saturday, Feb. 6. 

As of Friday, Feb. 5, PRC said that it has vaccinated 108,184 children against Measles-Rubella and Polio exceeding its target accomplishment for this month. With around 1,363 volunteers, PRC also reached 449 communities in 78 cities/municipalities through 33chapters with the support of the IFRC, American Red Cross, Canadian Red Cross, and Netherland Red Cross.

After the success of its pilot rollout in Quezon City the PRC Bus 143, as assured by PRC Chairman Gordon, will also reach Visayas and Mindanao.

“We will bring PRC Bus 143 anywhere in the Philippines – whether Visayas or Mindanao,” he said. We are focusing on vaccination for measles and polio to prepare also for the vaccination for COVID-19,” he added.