Khalil Ramos reveals Kathryn Bernardo introduced him to Gabbi Garcia

Did you know that Kathryn Bernardo played a huge part in getting Khalil Ramos and Gabbi Garcia together?

In fact, she was the one who introduced them to each other!

Khalil himself revealed this recently, recalling how Kathryn introduced her to Gabbi during Julia Baretto's birthday party in 2015. 

And his first impression of Gabbi?

"She was so elegant kasi during that time, she was so ano eh, dressed up, as in super elegant. She had her hair in a bun and she had such a nice dress, so from the get-go parang 'woah!'"

"When I got to talk to her (Gabbi) during that night, she was such a sweet person. She was someone you can easily talk to, she was very warm. That’s how I would explain my first impression. She was such a warm person."

The two started dating two years later and the rest is history. 

Though both are still quite young, many of their fans are hoping they would eventually end up in the altar.

About it, Khalil said, "Siyempre we’re young. We’re not gonna settle down anytime soon. We’re not gonna get married anytime soon but we would want to be life partners, really. But no pressure for the both of us."