Archdiocese of Manila launches 500 Years Mission Cross

Published February 5, 2021, 10:47 AM

by Leslie Ann Aquino

The launch of the Archdiocese of Manila’s local celebration of the 500 Years of Christianity in the Philippines this Saturday, Feb. 6 at the Manila Cathedral in Intramuros will also be highlighted with the wearing of the Mission Cross.


The Archdiocese of Manila said the 500 Years Mission Cross, which has the name of Jesus inscribed in Roman letters and ancient Baybayin script intersecting, serves as a reminder of being Christians.

“Wearing a cross, we are reminded that we are Christians, we are Catholics, and we say yes to God’s mission,” the Archdiocese of Manila Office of Communications quoted Father Kali Pietre Llamado, Vice Rector of the Manila Cathedral and one of the priests in-charge of the preparations for the event.

“The Cross from the logo will be made into pendant crosses, to bring back the tradition of wearing a cross, to be a sign of our faith in Jesus, of protection from God, and most importantly, as a badge of our missionary work,” he added.

The Mission Cross is now being sold in some parishes in the archdiocese.

Fr. Llamado emphasized the importance of missionary work especially during this time of pandemic.

“It is important for us to celebrate because Mission does not end in the time of pandemic, in fact Missionary work is given more significance in times of difficulties. Our frontliners, medical workers, and all of us who try our best to contribute in helping the country are ourselves doing and saying yes to the Mission of Jesus,” he said.

A ceremonial giving and wearing of the Mission Cross particularly for the invited mayors, representatives from different communities and chosen Pilgrimage churches of the archdiocese during the launch.

Apostolic Administrator of Manila Bishop Broderick S. Pabillo will open the celebration with a Mass at 9:00 a.m., with Papal Nuncio to the Philippines, Archbishop Charles John Brown.

Pabillo will open the jubilee door of the Manila Cathedral on Easter Sunday, April 4, and open the jubilee doors of the other churches during the Easter Week.

On Feb. 7, there will be parochial launching of the celebration of the 500 Years of the Arrival of Christianity in the Philippines. The different parishes in the Archdiocese will be holding their respective activities to mark the event.

The parish priests, according to Fr. Llamado will be “launching and explaining to the people the wearing of the 500 Years Mission Cross.”

At the end of the Mass, members of the music and youth ministry in the parishes will lead the people in singing and dancing the theme song, “We Give Our Yes,” the official Mission Song.

“We Give Our Yes” was composed by Fr. Carlo Magno Marcelo and performed by Jamie Rivera.