SB-19 and the road to promote P-pop to the world

Published February 1, 2021, 12:06 PM

by Jessica Pag-iwayan

Rising P-pop group shares how they plan to put P-pop on the world map

‘GO UP’ Korean-trained Pinoy boy band SB19 is continuously reaping awards with their chart-topping songs

There’s no denying that the Korean culture—from food and fashion to music and shows—is taking the world by storm. No wonder lots of people are aspiring to follow the steps of their favorite Korean idols, and these include Filipino artists and talents. 

With their talents and passion for their crafts, Korean entertainment company SHOWBT took five young Pinoy artists named Justin, Stell, Sejun, Josh, and Ken under its wings to turn them into the first-ever P-pop boy group. 

Dubbed as SB19, they have been creating chart-topping songs with the vision that just like K-pop, they want to bring P-pop to the world stage. In a conversation with Manila Bulletin Lifestyle, they share how they plan to keep at it and do a lot more. 

What are you looking forward to this 2021?

We hope we can work and produce more considering the halt of most of our projects due to the pandemic. We hope we’ll get more opportunities to perform and reach out to A’TIN [Note: This is what SB19 fans call themselves] and to a wider audience. Also, for everyone, we hope we can get through this pandemic and move forward. We are also elated to be the newest ambassadors of Lazada!

As artists, what items have you bought online that you are using regularly to hone your skills and talent?

Microphone condenser, drawing tablet, ukulele.

Forbes Magazine describes you as a P-pop group that is hoping to bring this music genre to the rest of the world using some inspiration from the K-pop industry. How are you planning to do this?

It is undoubtedly our goal to introduce the P-pop genre to the world. We are very thankful for the efforts of A’TIN, such as bringing us to the Billboard Charts and for helping us have a wider reach. On our end, we’ll work harder to release worthy, quality music and content. We’ll also work hard on honing our skills to be better performers. Expect to see an improving and stronger SB19.

K-pop and K-culture is taking over the pop culture world, as a Pinoy group, how important is it for you to maintain your Filipino identity in a world that is craving for South Korean culture?

We admire the success of K-pop and Korean culture but it is our conviction to promote our Filipino identity—this is one of the main points we are focusing on. We are under a Korean Company and trained by a Korean system but we definitely choose to advocate for our Filipino heritage. We are grounded by Filipino culture and values and, thus, we are keen on promoting it and the P-Pop genre on the global music scene.

You guys were trained by a South Korean company, can you share with us how different their training program is compared to what we do here?

I admire how the Korean entertainment industry trains their artists. Their difference is the strict selection and the discipline that they put on everything they do. We can also see how K-pop groups are formed after training for up to 10 years! That’s quite the dedication.

SB19 is now becoming a household name, especially, among the youth. On this journey toward achieving your goals, what have you learned?

Nothing comes easy, and with every goal there are obstacles. We have to be patient and devoted to our dreams. Always remember to never lose hope, as you never know what may happen tomorrow.

What is your message to Filipinos who are also aspiring to make it big in P-pop?

Everything is possible through hard work and dedication. Love what you do and stay committed. It will take tons and tons of practice and sleepless nights but sooner it will all pay off, you just have to keep the faith.