Andrea Torres posts sweet birthday message for her kuya

Published February 1, 2021, 4:32 PM

by Robert Requintina

Andrea Torres

Kapuso star Andrea Torres paid tribute to her brother TJ on his birthday as she described him as the nicest person she met.

On Instagram Jan. 31, Andrea recalled fond memories with him. Her full post:

“They say the eldest plays a very important part because he/she will serve as the role model and to some extent,even a second parent,to the rest of the siblings & I see why God chose you to be ours.You are the nicest person I’ve met in my life.I swear.And I know you hear this a lot from other people as well.You’re just genuinely nice!

“That’s why we always say “Maswerte ang mapapangasawa!” Yeeee. @jlmariano Hehehe.It’s hard to tell when things aren’t going your way because I never see you crumble. You keep your cool at all times.

“Like you’re always on top of the situation no matter how big the challenge may be.We’ll just be surprised how much you’ve been through when you’ve conquered it.Because you never complain.You just face things head on & put in the work.

“You never brag.Except for food.Haha .But I’ll get to that in a bit 😂 One of my fondest memories of you was when I used to call you Teddy Bear 😊 Because you let me lay on your stomach (Haha!) for as long as I like.I’ll just stay there & give you a permanent big hug 😊 When there’s thunder,you’d come find me because it made me cry. Same as when there’s brownout.

“You offered to bring me around Japan,just you and me, and patiently waited for me (1 hour per brand!) on my first visit to Tokyo because I was amazed that their clothing stores are buildings!Haha!

“We share the same level of passion for food.Haha. That’s why I take your opinion very seriously.Hahaha.You’re the one who taught me the “proper way” to eat burger & fries after all and my life changed since 😂 I get excited when you update me on something you tried-new dish,new combo,new resto,or share with me a step-by-step procedure on a new cooking experiment you did. But really, more than anything, I just love that you constantly check up on me & remind me that you are just there to listen to me and guide me.

“I appreciate everything Kuya, thank you.On your birthday I am praying with you for all your plans to be accomplished.Because I want to see you very very very happy always.And hear that distinct laugh of yours.I love you so much Kuya!Happy birthday from your sistah! 😉 

“Sorry I’m not there to celebrate with you. Bawi ako paguwi.”