“I will shout to the whole world how much I love my Philippines,” a young Bulakenya student says

Published January 31, 2021, 9:24 PM

by Freddie Velez

“Mula ngayon, ako bilang kabataang nabubuhay sa ika-21 siglo ay tatayo na at kikilos, aalis na ako mula sa laylayan ng tatsulok, hindi na ako magbubulag bulagan, aakyat ako sa dulo ng tatsulok, poprotektahan ka at isisigaw sa mundo kung gaano kita kamahal, Pilipinas ko.” (From now on, I being a living youth in the 21st century will now stand act, and get off from the fringes of the pyramid, no more pretending to be blind, I will go on top of the pyramid to protect you, and will shout to the world how much I love you, my Philippines.)

This was said by MJ Manuel, a young Bulacan student in her letter sent to this writer in Filipino where she described the world as a pyramid. She said maybe her talk is different from what others learned in Science in the past that the world is a sphere. But in her letter, she said the world is a triangle, some people stayed on top, some are at the margins where some people are pretending to be blind.

Loloy Ang of Grand Royale in the City of Malolos, Bulacan enjoyed walking at the 500 meters road sheltered by trees. (FREDDIE VELEZ/ MANILA BULLETIN)

Manuel said, a few years ago she and her friends were happily listening to the soft sounds of the crystal clear brook running near their house while her mother washing their clothes. But now on her college days no more, the flow of the water is very slow and the color of the water is black due to garbage and learned that animals in the forest had nowhere to hide because the illegal loggers continued cutting their homes.

Related to this, she’s afraid of what may happen in the world because according to researchers  11% or 800 million people in the world are the main roots of global warming and climate change. Probably, most of these are youths who continued practicing and have devoured modern technology, they have forgotten the real mission of protecting the world.

For me being a writer, I think, I can help and can do something with the help of my “computer”. I can write a newsworthy article that could help towards the common good, feel the love to readers to help save the world.

A writer can make stories that would open the minds of readers, can wake up the youth, and shout that this is their world, they are the ones who should fix and restore it. They will brighten the dark sky, clean the bad air, erase the waste piles of rubbish in the rivers and plant millions of trees, or turn the fields into a forest.  

My dear young brothers and sisters, the next generation, believe me, you can do it, you can do something, don’t throw garbage anywhere, confront and advise persons cutting trees for their own good. Today is the right time, not tomorrow or in the next few days but now, start moving and be active in saving the world. (Freddie C. Velez)