Global Launch of One World Filter System

Published January 31, 2021, 5:29 AM

by Edgard Hilario

While drinking water is our most basic need, it has become less and less accessible over the decades for all social classes. Going out to replenish our pantries has become risky and exhausting, especially when you have to go out of your way to carry several bottles of water for your whole family that would only last you a few days. 
Many have addressed this issue, but these found solutions transformed into a different problem pertaining to the budget to have access to safe and affordable drinking water.  In 2021, as the news of the pandemic continues to fill everyone’s newsfeed, a solution to one of our everyday woes has finally come to light. 

On January 28, 2021, AiFEN True Water Inc., launched globally the One World Filter™ System at the newly established PCCI Innovation Center located in Double Dragon Meridian Park in Pasay City, Philippines.

 AiFEN True Water Inc. globally launched the One World Filter™ System that produces the world’s safest, cleanest and most affordable drinking water which 
requires no electricity to operate last January 28 at the PCCI Innovation Center in Double Dragon Meridian Park in Pasay City. 
AiFen True Water Inc., founded by businessman and trusted advocate for Filipino innovation, Dr. Alberto Fenix, Jr. is the country group distributor in the Philippines. 

One World Filter™ (OWF) System is a revolutionary, microbiological and chemical interception filter system based on proprietary nanotechnology that releases no chemicals and does not remove essential salts and minerals from the water thereby producing safe, good tasting, and healthy drinking water. One World Filter™ System can process wells, rivers, lakes, ponds and even rainwater and requires no electricity to operate and produces the safest and most affordable drinking water on the planet.

Peter Heilveil, the Chief Technology Officer of One World Filter™ Corporation said that, “Terms like revolutionary, disruptive, game-changing are commonly banted about these days, and frequently are no more than marketing hype.  The OWF Water Purification Technology on the other hand is the real thing, bringing an end to waterborne diseases globally.“

Photo shows AiFEN True Water Inc. president, Dr. Alberto Fenix Jr., turning over a One World Filter™ starter set to Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry president, Amb. Benedicto Yujuico, to symbolize that the OWF System is now available worldwide and in the Philippines in February 1.

The Country Group Distributor in the Philippines is AiFEN True Water Inc., founded by businessman and trusted advocate for Filipino innovation, Dr. Alberto Fenix, Jr. The OWF System will be available for nationwide delivery via the One World Filter™ Philippines’ official website.  When asked why he got into this business endeavor, Dr. Fenix said,  “I decided to undertake this business because of its tremendous social and environmental benefits.  Our company’s goal is for all Filipinos to have the OWF System and thus improve their quality of life.”

The replaceable OWF Filter Packs are manufactured in Connecticut, USA by one of the world’s pioneers in air and water filtration, Dr. Evan Koslow. The OWF dispensers are proudly made in the Philippines.

One World Filter™ System will be available in the Philippines in February 2021.