Wishing for a waterfall for the weekend? Daranak Falls is just 2 hours away from Metro Manila

Published January 30, 2021, 8:39 PM

by Johannes Chua

Don’t go chasing waterfalls, especially at this time when travel is not yet that “normal.”  It would take us perhaps a year or two before we could safely and freely move around without any restrictions.

But if you really want to see a waterfall this weekend, one of the nearest and most accessible is the Daranak Falls of Tanay, Rizal.  Going there is easy with smooth roads and clear directions.

Daranak Falls (tanay.gov.ph)

According to Jeff Pino, the senior tourism operations officer of Tanay, visiting Daranak Falls (0965-3564493 / 0928-7838322) will just take you one-hour-and-a-half if there’s no traffic.

“I suggest you leave as early 6 a.m. to avoid traffic. Choose weekends also as there are less cars on the road,” Jeff said.  But if it’s a holiday, or there is unexpected traffic along the road, the trip to Daranak Falls may take two to two-and-a-half hours from Ortigas area.

The best route to the falls is through Cogeo in Antipolo via the Marilaque Road. “You will enjoy the journey with the beautiful natural landscape of the Sierra Madre Mountains,” he said.

Meanwhile, if you pass by the Antipolo to Teresa, Morong, and Baras route, you will have the chance to visit century-old churches.  Some of the churches still don’t allow mass congregation, so you can just stand outside and say your prayer while observing the architecture of the façade.   

Daranak Falls is open every day, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Day at Daranak

Once you are at Daranak, you don’t just rush to the falls and jump on the body of water below it.

For non-Tanay guests, you have to show a government-issued ID, a barangay medical certificate from your origin, and booking confirmation from your chosen destination (if you staying in Tanay overnight).

Reservation is also encouraged by emailing [email protected]. There is an entrance fee of P50 per person.  For a picnic shed, a P300 fee is charged and this is for eight persons.

“Daranak Falls is a day-tour destination, so we are not allowing overnight accommodation,” said Jeff.

But guests can bring outside food.  There is also a food kiosk and grilling stations. Use of any plastic materials is prohibited.

Going around Tanay

Tanay is an ideal weekend destination as it is not that far and the weather is pleasant most times of the year, especially during these months when it is cooler than other cities in Rizal.

A tour guide is available at every destination at P500 for five guests. Inquire at Tanay’s tourism office for details.  For Tanay campsites, hotels, and resorts, you may check their Facebook page for additional details.  For reservation in barangay mountain destinations, you may contact the following numbers: Laiban (Rene 0948-3551300), Cayabu (Gerine 0951-6181087), Cuyambay Nagpatong (Lago 0910-9362397), Daraitan (Allan 0955-5085260), Tinipak (Kevin 0906-8847359 / 0951-7176655), San Andres Mt. Batolosong (Rodel 0999-3887075).

For Fresno Campsite and Mt. Kulis call the following numbers: 0910-7082611/ 0907-6933643. Alcoholic beverages are still not allowed, while pets are not accepted.  

Most of Tanay tourist destinations accept only those 10 to 65 years old (minors must be accompanied by parents or guardians). Health protocols are also observed in all Tanay tourist destinations, such as wearing of face mask and face shield, and physical distancing.