VIRAL: Watch Ms. Hurt a.k.a Heart Evangelista a.k.a Paolo Ballesteros

Published January 30, 2021, 12:19 AM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Released January 28 6PM, this viral commercial by Orocan has been gaining traction for getting Ms. Hurt (Paolo Ballesteros) as their endorser. The video started with an introduction in Tagalog, “We’ve already sold a lot, but we still couldn’t afford to get ‘her’ as our endorse… so we got someone else who looks like her.”

So they got Paolo Ballesteros to portray their dream endorser Heart Evangelista under the name “Ms. Hurt.” Like Heart, Ms. Hurt showed the many facets of Heart’s life, from her walk-in closet to her bag collection, three Orocan ice coolers were strategically positioned in her shelf. Ms. Hurt pulled one out and moved on to the next passion of Heart which was painting. Ms. Hurt painted the ice cooler which she later on showed on screen. “Usually, it takes me seven hours to make this but this one only took me six hours, and I’m so happy with the result!”

Coming home from the grocery, she went in to her house feeling tired. She called her husband to help her as she fainted. The plastic company hired another impersonator who looked like Heart’s husband Chiz Escudero.

The next clip showed Ms. Hurt back in her closet and she started taking out things from the cooler. Makeup, mobile phone, and the funny ones—two cans of corned beef and a spare heart for when she needs surgery right away.

The three-minute video has gone viral and is still gaining traction. The caption of the video was as funny as the hilarious video,
“If after you watch this and you still do not buy, thank you still. We ‘heart’ Paolo Ballesteros!” 

Watch the full video here:

Ms. Hurt for Orocan Icebox

‘Pag nanood ka tapos hindi ka bumili salamat na lang sa lahat. We heart Paolo Ballesteros! #AngPlasticNaTotoo #OrocanIcebox

Posted by Orocan on Thursday, January 28, 2021