AIA Philam Life’s #TuloyAngBuhay: Top 4 Things To Look Forward To In 2021

Published January 28, 2021, 12:16 PM

by MB Lifestyle

Now that 2020 has gone, bringing with it the hardships we all went through, one can’t help but look forward to an even better one ahead filled with hope. Coming from a truly remarkable year with so many learnings, we became more appreciative and thankful for the small blessings that helped us get through the highs and the lows. And as 2021 slowly unfolds, here are some things we can look forward to so we can make this a truly spectacular recovery year:

Cutting off (the non-essentials and the useless)
It’s time for new beginnings! So whether it’s your overly long locks, bad cholesterol, unhealthy habits or toxic relationships, this is the best time to snip away all those things that don’t make you feel good.

2020 made us realize how precious and short life can be and if it’s not making you feel good or contributing positively to your life, then it’s time to make that change. The start of a new year means you can start again with a clean slate, and the do over can bring wonderful changes to your life.

Protect and prevent
We were incredibly blessed that we made it through 2020. While staying at home, we discovered ways to stay healthy, both physically and mentally. Whether it was yoga and meditation, art, KDrama and KPop (hello BTS Army!), or buying plants to build a green sanctuary for the home, we learned the importance of our mental health.

Taking vitamins, eating healthy and having enough sleep also became part of our routine in an effort to keep our immune system up. After all, protecting ourselves by being healthy is one of the best ways to ward off the virus.

The hardest part in living healthy is to start, the next hardest is to keep going. This year, let’s continue to live healthier, longer, and better lives by taking care of ourselves in both body and spirit.

Going green
With everyone cooped indoors for most of 2020, Mother Earth was able to somewhat recuperate and recover. Reports of improvement in air quality, lower greenhouse gas emissions and lower levels of noise pollution were seen as short-term impact of having everyone staying indoors for
several months. However, on the downside, increased use of single use plastic and other disposables like face masks were also observed.

As we face the new year, let’s resolve to live a more sustainable lifestyle—use reusable containers, buy washable face masks, walk, or bike, if you can, and generally become more mindful of our consumption and impact on the environment.

Keep learning
It is always good to find a distraction and during the pandemic, though our days were more stressful, we were given a lot of free time to try new things. Good thing we had access to a wealth of knowledge and resources on the internet— we could use the time to learn new skills! Whether it was to learn how to cook a new dish or upskill something specific to your line of work, we were able to discover untapped potential within ourselves that we can continue to grow. This year, let’s continue honing these skills and welcome new ideas so we can continue to be the best version of ourselves.

Tough times pushed us to become better and taught us to be positive. With its #TuloyAngBuhay campaign, AIA Philam Life invites you to continue what you’ve started and go full speed ahead in 2021 towards living healthier, longer and better lives!

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