Labella not in coma, but just recovering from ear infection

Published January 27, 2021, 1:50 PM

by Calvin Cordova 

CEBU CITY—Mayor Edgardo Labella dispelled rumors that he was critically ill, and assured the public that he was in good condition.

Mayor Edgardo Labella (Facebook / MANILA BULLETIN)

Labella appeared before a virtual press conference Wednesday, making his first public appearance after taking a leave of absence to heal an ear infection.

“I’m okay contrary to what others are saying that I am in comatose. People can be cruel but let’s just forgive them,” Labella said.

The mayor, who sported what looked like a bandage on the right ear during the press briefing, said he had to take a two-day leave of absence starting January 20 due to an ear infection.

The infection was diagnosed when the mayor went to the outpatient department of a private hospital for a checkup last Jan. 15.

While insisting that he was already well, Labella disclosed that he still had to follow his doctors’ advice to work from home in the meantime.

While he was still taking antibiotics, Labella said his doctor reminded him to “never, never expose yourself to crowded places.”

“I thank that the worst is over. I am just recuperating. I never expected this (infection) to be this serious. The infection is affecting other parts my body,” said Labella.

Labella thanked the people who prayed for his recovery.

“I would like to extend may praises and thanks to the Sto. Niño for giving me this opportunity despite the massive infection. He blessed me especially on those first crucial days. Thanks to the prayers of the Cebuanos. It strengthened my resolve to serve the city better because of the love, concern and the gift of joy that you have given through all these years,” the mayor said.