The Evangelists and the power of marketing

Published January 24, 2021, 8:00 AM

by Jules Vivas

This Filipino book may just be what you need to get your company or business the marketing boost it needs

People rose above the challenges of 2020 through constant self-improvement, helping each other out and dreaming of a brighter tomorrow. Despite the pandemic and the economic crisis that has followed, many have started their own ventures by establishing small businesses and coming up with creative, money-making ideas.

While ushering in the new year means even more obstacles, it also offers opportunities to grow, learn, and be better.

In marketing and communications, the backbone of companies, for instance, a new book has been published about the increasing significance of the two intertwined fields. The Evangelist: Insights from Leaders of the Nation’s Most Beloved Brands is a recently released title by the full-service content marketing studio Ambidexter. Featuring 56 communication figureheads from brands like Proctor & Gamble, Bayer, Foodpanda, BPI, and Angkas, to name a few, it covers everything from the power of market research and the value of influencer marketing to tips on how a brand could connect and engage with target audiences in the face of a health emergency, such as the Covid-19.

GRAND RELEASE Marketing leaders and respondents attended the book launch in December 2020

Launched formally by Astoria at the Cabernet-Sauvignon of Chardonnay in December, The Evangelists delves into what makes a strong and resilient marketing and communications strategy. Because the health crisis has forced us to limit face-to-face interactions, the expertise of marketing and communications professionals has become that much more important. After all, knowledge on these disciplines guides entrepreneurs, both budding and veterans, to reach not only potential customers but also any other external stakeholders from investors and business partners to regulators. The book does an excellent job putting the spotlight on Filipino excellence in marketing and communications.

“In the new normal, it’s important to not only market your products and services, but show how you are taking every step to keeping your guests safe. Showcasing how we can provide our guests this great customer experience—in any kind of environment—is central to all of Astoria’s marketing and communications,” explains Jackie Ng, digital marketing and business development head at the Astoria Group, who is featured in the book as well.

‘What the book tells us about marketing and communications can be used by a business owner or even a student studying marketing for the first time.’

Pancho Dizon, a co-author of The Evangelists and writer at Ambidextr, shows pride in producing a book that everyone can comprehend. “While the book is valuable for marketing professionals, it doesn’t just stop there,” he says. “What the book tells us about marketing and communications can be used by a business owner or even a student studying marketing for the first time. You don’t have to be so immersed in the industry to be able to appreciate what’s in the book.”

“There are a lot of talented marketing and communications leaders in this country that unfortunately don’t get the credit they deserve,” adds Chiara Siochi, marketing associate at Ambidextr and managing editor of the book. “Most of the time, business books take on a western context and we’re proud that The Evangelists takes the Filipino perspective into account. It’s this goal of showcasing the brilliance of all these leaders that makes it all worth it.”

Other companies included in the book are AIDE, Anytime Fitness, Ayala Foundation, Beds and Rooms, Belo Medical Group, Bizu, Blogapalooza, Booky, Buffalos Wings N Things, Canon, Cebu Pacific, Century Properties, Chatime, CIIT, CIMB Bank, Dojo, Eastern Communication, Eastvantage, Endeavor Philippines, FEU, 51 Talk, GCash, Grand Hyatt, GSK, Havas Ortega, Healthway, Huskee Digital, Kimberly Clark, Kimstore, Lalamove, LBC, Mindshare, Monsanto, Novare Technologies, Novotel Manila, Pet Warehouse, Phoenix Petroleum, Potato Corner, Poundit, Proctor and Gamble, RedDoorz, Robinsonsland, Sutherland Global Services, TaskUs, Teleperformance, Toby’s Sports, Tonik, Unionbank, Veterans Bank, Viber, and the Villar Group of Companies.

Overall, The Evangelists hopes to show that there is no shortage of talent in the Philippines in even the most fast-paced of fields. Although it is a process that will take years, this read will be part of history, of why and how the Philippines is a powerhouse when it comes to marketing and communications.